Time To Move Some Serious Weight

Time To Move Some Serious Weight

Big Weights & Unique Equipment

If you’re looking for a truly one of a kind lifting experience, our strongman floor is the place to be. There is more specialty lifting equipment down here than almost anywhere else. From atlas stones to our 40ft turf, you won’t find another gym like it in the area.

• Hercules Hold
• Conan’s Wheel
• Viking Press
• Standing Chest Press

• Logs
• Specialty Bars
• Atlas Stones

• Texas Power Bars
• Monolift
• Dumbbells Up to 200lb
• Turf & Sleds

• Yokes
• Farmer’s Walk
• Ropes


Sq. Ft. Floor

5lb – 200lb

Dumbbell Range


Feet of Turf




Deadlift Platforms

Strongman Equipment

Strongman Equipment

Want to mix up your lift a little bit? Our wide selection of strongman equipment is not only practical but also a good time! Come on down to the strongman floor and try your hand at some equipment you’ve probably never seen before.

Dumbbells for Days

Dumbbells for Days

Tired of going to your local small gym and maxing out the dumbbells? Well, you probably ‘aint gunna have that problem here because this floor of our gym carries dumbbells all the way up to 200 big ones.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

We have specialized equipment that can help you isolate different muscles groups and achieves new levels of growth. We pride ourselves on our variety and we’re constantly improving the equipment we have. Check out of some of our specialized equipment below:

Good Morning Machine

Viking Press

Conans Wheel

Hercules Hold

Atlas Stones



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