No Skipping Leg Day At Prime

No Skipping Leg Day At Prime

A Whole Floor Dedicated To Leg Equipment

When it comes to training legs, it’s hard to want to skip them at Prime with what essentially amounts to an entire floor dedicated to them! From traditional squat racks to one-off specialty machines, the legs room is sure to give you what you’re looking for!


Sq. Ft. Leg Room


Leg Machines


Leg Presses


Squat Racks

Over 30 Leg Machines

Over 30 Leg Machines

You read that right, we have over 30 machines dedicated specifically to training your legs. Keep your lifts interesting and hit muscle groups you didn’t even know existed. You’ll find some stuff in here that you can barely find anywhere else in the country!

Plenty of Squat Racks

Plenty of Squat Racks

Prime Fitness has 5 dedicated squat racks in our legs room and even more down in our strongman area if those happen to fill up! Regardless of your skill level and experience, we’ve made sure there’s room for everyone.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

We have specialized equipment that can help you isolate different muscles groups and achieves new levels of growth. We pride ourselves on our variety and we’re constantly improving the equipment we have. Check out of some of our specialized equipment below:


Vert. Leg Press

Pendulum Squat

Standing Abductor

Side Leg Curl



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